What is #WeStillCantBreathe?

In light of the ever changing focus of social justice advocacy, many times, the “root” of these causes are lost.  This campaign focuses on the intersectionality of TREE’s issues which create a toxic or “suffocating” environment for people of color.  #Westillcantbreathe will bring awareness to why environmental justice, entertainment and race, and economic justice issues are as important as other social justice issues.


How can you get involved?

Send us your stories, blogs, or vlogs to communications@restoringempowerment.org which highlight one or more of TREE’s core issue areas (environmental justice, economic justice, and entertainment and race issues) and we may feature it on our website!  Stay tuned for other upcoming ways to be involved.

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Tuesday, August 7 2018

WAGE INEQUALITY: She Works Hard for the Money, SO PAY HER!