About Tree

Together Restoring Economic Empowerment (TREE) is a civil rights minded organization dedicated to helping bridge the disconnect for the millennial generation to find substantive plans of action, particularly in minority communities, when it comes to injustices with economic, entertainment and environmental issues.

As times of social unrest have resurfaced with nationally and internationally recognized tragedies and confusion in best practices to address civil rights issues in the 21st Century, TREE originated to assist in these efforts. The founders and those involved want to provide a space for connecting social justice minds to social justice action to address those tragedies and all the contributing and underlying issues (i.e racial profiling or economic disparities). The name, Together Restoring Economic Empowerment, embodies the idea that minority communities must come together, unite, and strengthen each other. Millennials must be in the forefront of this movement.

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Tuesday, November 15 2016

TREE Remains Committed to Justice in a New Age