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Together Restoring Economic Empowerment (TREE) is a civil rights minded organization dedicated to uplifting the voice and advocacy by people of color communities within the economic, media, and environmental justice space.

As times of social unrest have resurfaced, TREE originated to assist in these efforts. The name, Together Restoring Economic Empowerment, embodies the idea that people of color must come together, unite, and strengthen each other. Younger generations must be in the forefront of this movement.

What is the need?

  • 33% of 75 million U.S. millennials identify as Black or Latinx.
  • Studies show that three out of four people of color live near toxic waste facilities. And in certain states, reports demonstrate that areas with large concentrations of people of color has a clear geographic connection to environmental discrimination.
  • According to the American Lung Association, people of color are also 38% more likely to live near contributing factors for asthma. 
  • According to a study by Prudential, 40% of Black people lack retirement savings. And having financial wealth and savings has been linked to creating economic parity for communities of color. 
The problems that prohibit Black and Brown communities from financial freedom and that perpetuate environmental injustices directly affect potential upward mobility within communities of color. Not only are Black and Latinx individuals facing these disparities in the workforce, in their homes, and in their communities, racial disparities are increasing regarding financial parity.  

How does TREE operate?
TREE utilizes legal and policy advocacy through action plans. TREE works in the community by creating financial literacy programs to mitigate and alleviate disparate economic growth in communities of color.

TREE's approach is different because we want to unite movements of younger generations through new media and traditional media. We assist in featuring activists' ideas and provide a platform for those who want to be involved by being a hub for varying levels of action to garner the most support.

Who comprises TREE?
TREE is comprised of young, professional millennials, and we understand our generation's need for concise and credible information to unite and for rapid response. Our team is compiling our experiences in civil rights advocacy and outreach to help provide focused, reliable, and timely action information for social justice supporters in our generation.

How can people be involved in this movement?
TREE offers dynamic programming in the areas of environmental justice, labor and workforce issues, and racial justice. The general public can be involved by offering pledges to support those in the front lines of civil rights work within the areas outlined in TREE's action plans, attending online and in person programming, and being grassroots leaders in their communities to fight economic disparities. TREE is always seeking dynamic individuals who may be able to contribute to the work in an official capacity.

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